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Communist China is our most dangerous enemy, and no country has been harmed by its crimes more than our own.

We must end our economic dependence on China, decouple our supply chains, ban American investment in strategic Chinese industries, protect American intellectual property rights, and punish offshoring American jobs to China. And we must hold China's communist regime accountable for the virus it unleashed on the world.


Joe Biden opened our border and created a crisis. We must surge resources to the border, modernize our ports of entry, and finish the wall. Our policy should be simple: the right amount of illegal immigration is zero.

As for our legal immigration system, we need to end chain migration and move to a system that selects immigrants with valuable skills.

I've put forward a plan to overhaul our legal immigration system, called the RAISE Act.


Joe Biden has spent trillions we don't have and declared war on American energy. The results have been record high inflation and gas prices. Biden is the inflation president.

To lower costs for American families, we need to end reckless spending and unleash domestic energy production. Simple as that.

Defending Life

The Supreme Court has sent Roe v. Wade to the dustbin of history, but the work continues. We must support and elect conservatives who will defend life, and we must advocate for policies at all levels of government that protect the rights of the unborn.

Law and Order

Our Founders knew that one of the government's main roles is protecting our people from crime and the breakdown of law and order. But liberals who support policies like defunding police, ending cash bail, releasing violent drug traffickers, and refusing to prosecute crimes have unleashed a crime wave across our country.

It's time to declare a new war on crime that doesn't stop until our streets are safe. We need to lock up violent criminals, strengthen sentences, and enforce the law.

Rebuilding Our Military

Our troops have been hamstrung by years of budget cuts and social engineering. It's time to rebuild an American military that's second to none.

We need to reverse the Democrats' budget cuts, revive our shipyards and industrial base, and bring the Arsenal of Democracy roaring back to life. And we need to refocus our military away from liberal obsessions and back to defeating America’s enemies.

Second Amendment

We don't need more gun control laws. We need to lock up violent criminals. The Second Amendment is a critical Constitutional right that must be protected — be it from Democrats in Congress, overreaching executive orders, or radical nominees.

Critical Race Theory

Just as anti-American propaganda has infiltrated our military, it's also infiltrated our schools. We need to stamp out all forms of indoctrination, including Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, and so-called “equity” policies that discriminate against kids on the basis of race. America cannot survive if liberals succeed in raising a generation of kids who hate our country.

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