What Arkansans Are Saying About Tom

Tom Supports the Military
By Robert Ator, Jacksonville

Every American Citizen benefits from those wearing the uniform to ensure we keep the bad actors away from our shores and let us live in peace and security. Our service members deserve our very best as they give their very best, regardless of where or how difficult.

As a senior Air Force leader, I was constantly frustrated by the burdens placed on my airmen by national leaders for political gain. We dealt with fighting wars, multiple deployments, reduction of forces by over 10 percent with no reduction in worldwide commitments, and reduction of the military budget by over 32 percent, again with no reduction in use. We even saw the use of stipulation in the law to reduce military pay instead of following the law’s intent, thereby placing greater burdens on military families. This says nothing about the lack of leadership in our veteran care. We collectively told those in uniform and those that have worn it that they were not important. We are in a much more dangerous world because of the bad policies and neglect of the very people that give us our freedom and prosperity.

It is for these reasons that I support Sen. Tom Cotton in his bid for re-election. Senator Cotton endured the same burdens as an officer in the U.S. Army. He too had a front-row seat to the incredible acts of our service members and also witnessed the lack of support and resources needed to accomplish the mission of keeping America safe and free. As a member of the Senate, he has fought to do away with the sequester that placed a huge burden on our units. Prior to my retirement as a commander, he consistently reached out to discover ways to reduce burdens.

The U.S. armed forces will forever answer the call of our nation regardless of the resourcing or burden. Senator Cotton understands this. It is for his actions in and out of uniform that lends me to trust his leadership, and he certainly has my vote!

Tom Remembered Our Vets
By Dean McKenndree, Adona

I served for 29 years in three separate war zones, being severely injured in one and wounded in another. I am a 90 percent disabled American veteran, and I am seen at the North Little Rock VA. I know the horror stories of the past VA, but I wanted to write to talk about my recent personal experience.

My wife and I recently lost our 15-year old daughter to an unexpected yet immediate illness, and it was devastating. I decided to call the VA requesting someone to talk to about my loss, and I was given an immediate appointment. I was allowed to discuss my grief and was constantly reassured that I was not alone and that I wasn’t weak for seeking help. I was embarrassed to call, but I am so grateful that I did. I am treated as if I’m the only person to walk through those doors.

Because I’m so grateful for this help, I wanted to write this letter encouraging Arkansans to vote for Sen. Tom Cotton, who has kept his promise to me as a veteran and to my family through VA and military funding. Through a simple fundraiser, Senator Cotton looked me in the eye and promised to not leave our veterans behind, and he’s lived up to that. He’ll have my vote in 2020.

Tom Cotton Kept His Promise

For 20 years, my father served in the U.S. Navy, so I am a military BRAT. No, that doesn’t mean I was an incorrigible child. It stands for British Regiment Attached Traveler. And we did travel. If it had a beach, I’ve probably lived there.

I remember greeting my father’s aircraft carrier returning from months at sea. County and city elected officials, high school bands, cheerleaders and half the town showed up.

Then the Vietnam War. Eventually just a dozen or so family members appeared on the dock waving at the returning sailors.

We have politicians claiming to support our troops, but they didn’t show up with a “yea” vote on funding bills-especially under President Obama.

Defense spending is a top priority because it’s the most important responsibility our government has. When Sen. Tom Cotton was elected, he promised to fight to make sure our military was fully funded. Now it is.

I’m glad Senator Cotton kept his promise to our military and their families. That’s why I will be voting for Senator Cotton again in 2020.

Recent Years ‘The Best’ For Small Business
By Trent Ragar, Bentonville

As an entrepreneur for the past 14 years, I’m uniquely qualified to tell you that the recent liberal promises and policies are terrifying to me a s a small business owner. This isn’t your grandfathers Democratic party anymore, folks. I’m a native Arkansan and I can honestly say I’ve seen some of the best of times and the worst of times in this state’s history.

The last three years as a small business owner have been some of the best I can ever remember. Due to a record low unemployment rate in Arkansas of 3.4 percent, my single greatest issue over the past three years has been finding qualified workers. I’ll take that problem any day of the week over issues like open borders, the wacky Green New Deal, increased taxes and strict gun control- all extreme promises Josh Mahoney and his Democrat friends have made in the past two years.

This race is easy to predict and I can assure you the 200,000 small-business owners in Arkansas are to want to join me in supporting Tom Cotton for re-election in 2020.

Debt, Spending Votes Earn Cotton Support
By Melanie Elliott, Cave Springs

I’m an American citizen who is gravely concerned about our national spending and debt. As I review the past few years of bills and acts, nearly all spending increases have passed. Alarmingly, there’s no indication this trend is slowing down. Every person alive today, and those not yet born, are burdened by debt that was passed on from generations before. It is immoral and it should not continue.

In reviewing Sen. Tom Cotton’s voting record since 2015, I’m encouraged to see that the American people can depend on him to vote against spending increases in most cases (15 out of 20 times).

Sen. Cotton’s Democratic opponent is promoting “universal coverage” health care and
“free” two-year community college. Those were just the first two issues he addressed on his website, so what else might he have up his sleeve? More spending, more taxation and more debt for Americans, no doubt.

Let’s encourage Sen. Cotton to keep the American taxpayers debt burden at the top of his mind, and vote accordingly.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Sen. Tom Cotton.

A Principled Leader
By John Cowart, Fouke

You have the daily job of reporting mudslinging politics. It makes me wish officials believed in principles, not partisan politics.

I believe Sen. Tom Cotton is one of those principled leaders. Last year Tom Cotton took heat from Democrats and Republicans for opposing their bill which made it easier for sex offenders to get shorter sentences. When a Justice Department study said the “First Step Act” would make it easier for sex offenders to get shorter sentences, Senator Cotton took a stand even though he had to fight Senators from both parties.

I was in the police academy at Camden on 9/11. Since then, I’ve been a law enforcement officer in Arkansas. It is a morale booster to see people like Tom Cotton protecting citizens first and putting party politics second.

During the Obama administration, Tom Cotton supported federal funding of ALERRT and CRASE training for people to stop school and church shooters. I guess Senator Cotton practices what President Truman preached, that it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.