Washington Examiner: Tom Cotton stumps to build a Republican Senate majority

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania — Tom Cotton knows what it’s like to have the media question his ability to defeat Democrats.

It was October 2014, and the national press were having a hard time coming to terms with numbers showing that his challenge to Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) was not the statistically tied race they had been expecting.

Then-Rep. Cotton, they wrote, had been dramatically outspent. A cash-flush Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was swamping his state with money. They claimed he had been outsmarted in the technological game and outmanned in field staff. They even brought out team Obama for his race.

Polling at the time, most of it commissioned by legacy media outlets, showed a tied race for most of the year and a 2-point race in September and October. But hardly a journalist would mention this race without bringing up in the same sentence that his opponent was a Pryor, whose father, David, had held the seat before him. That had to mean something.

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