Daily Mail: GOP Senator Tom Cotton claims Dems are INTENTIONALLY turning US into weak country through ‘critical race theory and transgender ideology’ in ploy he calls ‘decline by design’

An Arkansas Senator has charged members of the Democratic Party with intentionally thrusting the country into crime-ridden chaos, thanks to woke policies designed to undermine citizens’ freedoms.

The controversial claims were aired Sunday in an interview with Republican Tom Cotton, a former soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and senator for Arkansas since 2015.

During the sit down, the 45-year-old politician promoted his upcoming book, Only the Strong: Reversing the Left’s Plot to Sabotage American Power, set to publish next Tuesday.

His book takes aim at the progressive left and what he declares is their decades-long plot to sabotage American power that stems back more than a century.

The interview saw Cotton further proclaim that while some may think the country’s decline is the result of mismanagement, none of the systemic problems are accidental.

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