Daily Caller: EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Here’s How Obama Betrayed The Iranian People And Our Allies For Free

The following is an excerpt from Sen. Tom Cotton’s book “Only the Strong.” It can be purchased here.

This Blame America First view of Iran explains Obama’s early moves on the campaign trail and in office. During the 2008 campaign, he offered to meet with the ayatollahs without preconditions. In return, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s extremist president, sent Obama a congratulatory note after the election, the first such note to a president-elect since the 1979 revolution. I guess the ayatollahs knew a mark when they saw one. Things got worse after Obama took office. He asked the ayatollahs to “unclench their fist” in return for “an extended hand” of American friendship. He echoed this spirit of cooperation in a secret letter to Iran’s supreme leader, who replied with a blistering rant about the 1953 “coup” and the shah. Maybe he and Obama read the same history books.

But Obama wasn’t deterred and he continued to conciliate Tehran. In June 2009, a rigged presidential election sparked the largest protest movement in Iran since the revolution. Fearful of antagonizing the murderous regime, Obama impotently remained silent and refused to support the protesters in the critical early days. In a moment when our vital interests of weakening an implacable enemy regime aligned with the aspirations of the Iranian people, the Citizen of the World president did nothing.

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