Fox News: Tom Cotton rips ‘sanctimonious liberals’ on ‘America’s Newsroom’: Biden presiding over ‘slow-motion invasion’

Cotton says wealthy Democrats should ‘bear the brunt’ of immigration policies they support

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., explained on “America’s Newsroom” Friday how Democrats’ complaints about migrants being sent to their communities are both hypocritical and harmful to the country.

TOM COTTON: The hypocrisy of these sanctimonious liberals is just amazing. Joe Biden has presided over a slow-motion invasion of our country since he took office. Almost four million illegal migrants have crossed our country. And there are border towns, to include El Paso, as we just heard from Bill Melugin, who have thousands of illegal migrants arriving every single day. Yet when a few thousand arrive in Washington, D.C., they declare a state of emergency.