The Daily Wire: Sen. Tom Cotton Blasts Pelosi Over Her Supreme Court ‘Anti-Freedom’ Remarks

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Monday for referring to some Supreme Court justices as “anti-freedom” during a recent interview.

Cotton shared the remarks on “Fox & Friends” regarding Pelosi’s Sunday comments on CNN.

“I think it’s funny that Nancy Pelosi calls this an anti-freedom court. If the justices do rule along the lines of that opinion that was scandalously leaked a couple weeks ago, it would simply be empowering the American people to make choices for themselves about how they’re going to govern themselves as opposed to letting those choices be made by nine unelected lawyers in Washington,” Cotton said.

The senator also commented on the attitude as fitting with how Democrats have continued to act in response to decisions they do not like.