Cotton Op-Ed: No More Jailbreaks

No More Jailbreaks

Sen. Tom Cotton

National Review

Last year, for the first time in American history, more than 100,000 Americans died as a result of drug overdoses and homicides. This deadly contagion of crime continues to afflict our communities and even shows signs of worsening. Yet politicians in Washington plan to reduce federal sentences for criminals and release thousands of drug traffickers and gang members back onto the streets.

Recently, the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved several bills that would take criminal leniency to new extremes and public safety to new lows. These bills would shorten sentences for heroin and fentanyl traffickers, grant early release to thousands of drug dealers, expand house arrest for drug kingpins, and prohibit judges from taking into account certain past criminal activity in sentencing. Unwise even in a normal year, this salvo of pro-crime policies will exacerbate record-high overdose deaths and violent crime.

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