Exclusive — Sen. Tom Cotton: Court Packing Turns SCOTUS into a ‘Super Legislature,’ ‘Smaller Version of House of Lords’

Sen. Tom Cotton told Breitbart News on Friday that the U.S. Supreme Court would become a “super legislature” resembling the “House of Lords” if Democrats expand the number of justices, as they have proposed.

“[Court packing] turns the Supreme Court into nothing more than just a super legislature,” said Cotton on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

He added, “It becomes like a smaller version of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom that can be manipulated by whatever transient majority holds the Congress today for political gain, forever undermining the rule of law and the reverence and veneration that the American people have for the rule of law and the Constitution.”

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