Senator Cotton Launches Ads in Georgia and New Hampshire Targeting Xavier Becerra

February 22, 2021

Senator Cotton Launches Ads in Georgia and New Hampshire Targeting Xavier Becerra 

Today, Senator Tom Cotton launched a digital advertisement in Georgia and New Hampshire targeting Xavier Becerra, President Biden’s nominee for Health and Human Services. Senator Cotton’s campaign is going to make sure that any Senator who votes for Becerra will have to answer to voters for putting our healthcare and our kids in jeopardy.  

Xavier Becerra is an unqualified radical who supports socialized medicine, persecutes people of faith, wants open borders, and was the enforcer of California’s disastrous and counterproductive lockdowns. Under Xavier Becerra’s leadership, California has shut down schools, churches, beaches, outdoor dining, and playgrounds. His lockdowns have caused California to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, yet California has more COVID cases and deaths per capita than many other states.  

“Xavier Becerra is a radical liberal with no real public health experience besides enforcing California’s disastrous lockdowns. If confirmed, Xavier Becerra will put the health insurance we get at our jobs at risk. Any Senator who votes for Xavier Becerra will face a reckoning from voters in the next election.”  

Click to view the ad. 

Xavier Becerra wants to be Joe Biden’s Secretary of Healthcare.

But Becerra supports Bernie’s government takeover of your healthcare, eliminating your employer-provided coverage.

Becerra defended California’s disastrous lockdowns that have destroyed small businesses and hurt schoolchildren.

So extreme, Becerra even sued nuns for practicing their faith.You can’t trust Xavier Becerra with your healthcare. Tell your Senator to vote no.