Tom Cotton: The Full Transcript

Susan Glasser: Well, fantastic. This is Susan Glasser, and welcome back to The Global POLITICO. We’re here in the Russell Senate Office Building with Senator Tom Cotton, probably one of the leading Republican voices on foreign policy and national security today, up on Capitol Hill, so it’s a real treat to talk with him, especially in the middle of what—I know he’s smiling, here—has been quite a newsy week that he also found himself in the middle of. He’s given a major speech about the Iran deal. It looks like the policy is headed in the direction he suggested it should go. He’s also spent a lot of time at the White House this week.

So I’ve got to ask you about that, first of all. You went to dinner with President Trump. You were back up there, today. What did you talk about so much?

Tom Cotton: Well, we had wide-ranging conversations this week, as we normally do, about what is on the Senate’s agenda and what’s on our country’s agenda. But as you say, Iran, right now, is on the president’s mind, probably more than anything. He’s our commander in chief. It’s his job to protect this country from threats like Iran, and under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, he has to decide, by October 15, whether to certify that the Iran nuclear deal is in the United States’ vital national security interest and Iran is complying with that deal. So we’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks discussing that matter, in addition to things like immigration, with which I work closely with the president and his senior team, and taxes, which is dominating the Senate agenda right now.