Cotton: “Senator Pryor Is Simply Out-Of-Touch With Middle Class Arkansans”

Senator Pryor tells voters that Arkansas is written on his heart, but last night he illustrated just how out of touch he is when he defined the  “middle class” as those families making $200,000 a year. That might be considered middle class to lobbyists living in Washington, D.C., or among President Obama’s wealthy Chicago friends, but here in Arkansas that couldn’t be further from reality.

The median household income in Arkansas in 2013 was just under $40,000, $160,000 less than Senator Pryor’s definition. Either his math skills are way off—he did seem a little confused about what it means to reduce government spending— or he’s lost touch with Arkansas. Neither is an ideal trait for one of Arkansas’s Senators, but we fear it’s the latter which is much, much worse.

Senator Pryor’s comments defining the middle class as making $200,000 were simply out-of-touch,” said Tom Cotton. “Even worse, it’s Senator Pryor’s support of President Obama’s policies that have made life more difficult for real middle-class Arkansans, who simply want to work hard and provide for their families. Senator Pryor proved in last night’s debate that he’s so far out-of-touch with Arkansas that he can no longer represent us.”