Cotton Releases New Ad: “Urgent”

U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton released a new ad¬†this morning titled “Urgent” that features Cotton speaking about his decision to volunteer for a second deployment to Afghanistan after fighting in Iraq and serving a stint with the Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery.

Narrating his own ad, Cotton says: “In Iraq and Arlington National Cemetery, I was a platoon leader leading troops. We were deeply impacted by the war at the cemetery because we saw the casualty counts that were coming back, and it made me want to go serve again, and that’s ultimately why I volunteered to go fight in Afghanistan. Serious times demand serious leaders. It can be a matter of life and death for your countrymen on the battlefield – or your fellow citizens right here in the United States. That’s as urgent and important as it can get.”

Cotton spokesman David Ray said:¬†“Tom Cotton epitomizes service and leadership, both for Arkansas and for America, and this ad shows that. After graduating law school and practicing law long enough to pay off his student loans, Tom gave up the start of a great legal career to enlist in the Army. When the Army offered to make him an attorney, he instead chose to fight on the front lines. And after he had served one combat tour in Iraq, nobody would have blamed him if he didn’t want to go back. But that’s not Tom Cotton. He’s a real leader, and we desperately need more of those in the U.S. Senate.”