Washington Post, Other News Outlets Call Anti-Cotton Ad Claims “As Phony As A Three-Dollar Bill”

News outlets roundly dismiss ads by Senator Pryor’s ally Senate Majority PAC as totally false and inaccurate

Little Rock, Arkansas —

On Tuesday morning, The Washington Post issued a scathing article debunking all of the claims in a recent ad by Senate Majority PAC as false, calling them “as phony as a three-dollar bill.”

The ad is centered around the bizarre claim that Tom Cotton worked for “big insurance companies” during his 13-month employment as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. However, Cotton never worked for any insurance companies at McKinsey, a fact that is backed up by Cotton’s former team leader at McKinsey, Priam Dutta, who issued the following statement to The Daily Caller on March 27th:

“Tom and I were colleagues at McKinsey. I was his team leader on a project in which we served the Federal Housing Authority, which represented his only insurance industry experience. He did not work for any insurance companies.”

Even though the ad has only been running for a few days, it has drawn a swift rebuke from virtually all corners of the press:

  • The Daily Caller wrote on March 27th that Cotton never worked for any insurance companies during his time at McKinsey.
  • On KARK’s Sunday morning “Capitol View” program, both conservative radio host Alice Stewart and liberal columnist John Brummett acknowledged that there is no evidence for the claim that Tom Cotton ever worked for an insurance company.
  • The Washington Post gave the ad a rating of “4 Pinocchio’s”, indicating the ad is completely false has not a shred of truth to it. The Post also concluded the ad’s claims were “as phony as a three-dollar bill.”
  • The ad was even too much for liberal columnist John Brummett, who wrote in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the ad is an “imprecise accusation,” as well as an “embellishment and exploitation.”

Notably, Senate Majority PAC is not the only entity making these false and shameless attacks.Senator Pryor’s website also contains a page accusing Tom Cotton of working for insurance companies. As of Tuesday morning, the page was still active on Pryor’s website.

The Democratic Party of Arkansas has also included the same false claim on its website, asserting that Tom Cotton not only worked for “insurance companies,” but also “health insurance companies.”

Cotton campaign manager Justin Brasell said: “What kind of man would bear false witness against his neighbor just to win an election? Evidently Senator Pryor will. Senator Pryor and his allies should be ashamed that they have knowingly put outright lies on the Arkansas airwaves. Apparently there is nothing that Senator Pryor and his Washington allies will not say or do in order to try to convince Arkansans that Senator Pryor’s 95% voting record with President Obama is acceptable.”

The entire article from The Washington Post can be viewed here.