Pryor’s ObamaCare to increase premiums by 245% for Arkansas women

ObamaCare is turning into a real life nightmare for women, but Mark Pryor (D-AR) doesn’t seem very concerned.

A new analysis from the American Action Forum (AAF) finds that young women face triple digit increases in the cost of their health care premiums. The study details that in Arkansas premiums for healthy women will skyrocket, increasing by 245 percent or $139 per month.

Across Arkansas, young women, mothers, sisters, aunts, and seniors will be impacted by the onerous and expensive impact of ObamaCare; women that are losing their health insurance, fearing the upcoming doctor shortage or paying for exponentially more expensive premiums.

Despite those realities, Mark Pryor refuses to acknowledge that ObamaCare is causing health care costs to rise and seems unconcerned that women across the state will struggle to afford the new law. Make no mistake; it is the personal impact that ObamaCare will have on women, seniors, and families that is the real trainwreck for Mark Pryor who has repeatedly defended the unpopular law instead of women in Arkansas.

“The facts show that ObamaCare will hurt women throughout Arkansas, yet Mark Pryor still proudly boasts about the unpopular law,” said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. “Mark Pryor broke his promises to Arkansas women on ObamaCare, which limits health care choices, raises costs and lowers the quality of care. Instead of continuing to ignore the many problems of ObamaCare, Mark Pryor should admit it has been a failure and delay it.”