Mark Pryor Taking His Obamacare Cues From White House

One day after Senator Mark Pryor belatedly called for a legislative fix for the millions of Americans who are seeing their health insurance cancelled because of his Obamacare vote, Politico is reporting that Pryor and other vulnerable Democratic Senators were given permission by the White House to criticize Obamacare’s implementation and call for legislative fixes.

From Politico’s Manu Raju:

“At the pleading of senior White House officials, Senate Democrats are holding off on demands to delay major aspects of the health care law until the Obama administration has the opportunity to fix the website problems that are thwarting enrollment in the program.

Democratic senators facing reelection have a green light to bash the White House and call for certain legislative fixes. But they’ve been urged by senior administration officials not to insist on delaying the controversial law’s core: The mandate for individuals to purchase insurance coverage or face penalties.”

Cotton for Senate campaign manager Justin Brasell issued the following statement regarding this latest news:

“It makes perfect sense that Mark Pryor would sit by idly until Barack Obama gives him permission to call for a legislative fix for the millions of Americans losing their health insurance because of his vote for Obamacare.  This is just further evidence that Mark Pryor is putting Barack Obama first and not Arkansas.”

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